Warranty Information

Trans Machine Remanufactured and New Replacement Parts Limited Warranty

Trans Machine warrants each remanufactured part to be free from defects in material added and workmanship under normal use and service. The Warranty shall extend for a period of six (6) months after the date of sale or installation on rebuilt parts and one (1) year on new parts. Trans Machine’s obligation under this Warranty shall be either to repair or replace, at its option, any such part which, within the warranty period, after sale or installation is returned to Trans Machine and upon examination by Trans Machine is found (to its satisfaction) to be defective.
Provision of this warranty shall not apply to any Trans Machine part which has been:

  • Used for a purpose for which it was not designed; or
  • Applied to a use which has not been approved by Trans Machine; or
  • Subject to misuse, negligence, or accident; or
  • Repaired or altered in any way so as, in the judgment of Trans Machine, to adversely affect its performance and reliability.

This Warranty does not cover labor and other parts of material of a unit or an assembly in which any such part is used. Trans Machine’s liability under this Warranty shall extend solely to the repair or replacement by Trans Machine of a defective part.

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or for any other obligations, shall be limited to the warranty period following sale or installation.

Trans Machine neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any other liability in connection with such Trans Machine part.


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