Remanufacturing & Repairs

For over 30 years our specialty has been restoration of Allison transmission hard parts. Our founder, Jack Bailey, combined his skills as a machinist with his experience as a manager of an Allison transmission rebuilding department to create Trans Machine, a unique company with an understanding of Allison transmissions as well as machining processes required to restore their components to original specifications.

Traditional / Complete Remanufacturing

Our remanufacturing process restores components to original dimensional specifications in all critical areas.  Each part is cleaned to like new appearance and restored dimensionally in all areas as needed. Typically finished product is stocked and ready to be shipped on an exchange basis with the expectation that the customer will return a serviceable core.


Our repair service can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a completely remanufactured product.  Many components may be damaged or worn in multiple areas and our traditional remanufacturing ensures that all areas are addressed.  Our repair service addresses just the area of your component which is worn or damaged.  If only one of several possible repairs are needed, only the cost of that repair is charged.

A primary consideration in determining if our repair service is the right option for you is turn-around time.  While a remanufactured item can typically be shipped the day you place an order, the repair service requires that you ship us your part and allow the necessary time to determine and schedule the repair needed.


A number of Allison Service Bulletins provide technical information on how to update a particular component to avoid a potential failure or how to service a failed item. We perform many of these authorized updates on a regular basis and assure compliance with all new specifications.

Because we perform Allison authorized updates on a regular basis, our processes are proven and refined, meaning your cost will likely be less than sending the part to a local machine shop along with instructions. You can also be confident that Trans Machine will complete the update correctly the first time, and every time. Some updated components are stocked on our shelves ready to ship to customers with a serviceable core to return.

Modifications / Conversions

Significant value can be added to older parts by converting them to new part numbers for use in models currently in demand.

A variety of housings and internal components from older Allison models can be converted into a later model part number by making one or more modifications to the part. Trans Machine has identified these opportunities and developed specialized processes to perform these conversions.


Older converter housings can be updated for current applications through one or more of the following modifications:

  • Add a speed sensor provision
  • Open the lower PTO access
  • Increase clearance to accept newer accessory drive gears
  • Convert pipe threads to port style threads

Pipe threads converted to port-style threads on Allison 6000 Series Converter Housing

Addition of speed sensor to older style Allison 6000 Series Main Housing

Custom Repairs

When expensive components sustain unique damage, a custom restoration may be possible and is worth considering. Our years of experience with heavy-duty transmissions and drop box components permits quick assessment and quality restoration.

*Note: Our expertise is not limited to Allison parts and products. You’ll find that we are equally familiar with most top brands of equipment including John Deere, CAT, Terex, ZF, Clark and many others. Give one of our specialists a call about any of your repair/remanufacturing issues.

Our Specialized Knowledge Increases Your Profits!

Sure, your local machine shop is often capable of doing a custom repair which you direct, but too often the results are untested, poor in appearance, and more expensive than necessary. Experience the difference that results from dealing with transmission component specialists. You’ll encounter less hassle, more problem-solving knowledge and all at a cost that will get your job done more profitably!


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