Quality Defined

You need to know that the parts you install in your transmissions will perform as promised.  That’s why we never compromise on these quality commitments!

Production Accuracy

Our new parts will always match OEM dimensions, appearance and durability.


Production Consistency

Each production run of a new component will be produced consistently, the same dimensionally, and the same in appearance and performance, as in prior production runs.

The Best Proven Process

Our proven remanufacturing processes will produce superior reliability and durability plus be virtually undetectable in appearance.

A Final Hands-On Inspection

In addition to inspections along the way, each item, whether new, remanufactured, or repaired is individually given a final inspection by a dedicated quality control inspector.  Nothing is sent to inventory or to a customer until our quality standards are fully met.

Business Integrity

Our customers will always be treated the way we like to be treated – fairly, honestly and with respect.


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