CAT Component Repair and Modifications You Can Trust

The oil and gas industry increasingly relies on the use of CAT transmissions in well servicing equipment. Trans Machine is proud to support oilfield CAT transmission rebuilders by applying our nearly four decades of transmission component restoration and remanufacturing expertise to the CAT brand.

CAT TH48 and TH55 High-Value Component Repair Services

Trans Machine is proud to be the leading source for restoration of worn or damaged CAT TH48 and TH55 transmission parts. Our repairs are proven to meet the tough demands imposed upon these units by the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry. Find out more about our component repair and modification services for these transmissions.

CAT TH55 7-Speed to 9-Speed Conversion Parts

Supply chain shortages inflict both financial pain on a company and stress on those tasked with getting the job done. When this happens, frequently our customers call on us to help with a solution. Often times our solution is to design a modification to an available part so that it performs in a new application. This is exactly what we did to supply several customers with needed TH55 9-speed parts. Find out more about these component conversion services.

Why Work with Trans Machine?

Our component repairs and modifications offer CAT TH55 transmission rebuilders a significant competitive advantage when it comes to the cost of a rebuild. Components costing many thousands of dollars are restored by us for sometimes 10-20% of the cost of a new OEM part. Imagine multiplying that advantage over multiple parts in a rebuilding job and then again over many rebuilding jobs. It’s truly a game changer for the bottom line of your business.

We understand that lowering your rebuilding cost by diluting the quality of your rebuild is foolish, especially when it comes to the cost of downtime for oilfield equipment. That’s why Trans Machine is the perfect partner. We know your CAT TH55 parts and have restored parts for hundreds of these frac rig transmissions.

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